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5G & IoT

These two technologies are about to radically change your business.

We invite you to a Discovery Session with one of our experts in 5G and IoT to capitalize on today’s IoT and prepare for tomorrow’s.

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5G & IoT: Welcome to the future.5G & IoT: Welcome to the future.5G & IoT: Welcome to the future.

See how to get iPhone 11 for $0/mo.

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iPhone 11


Design your own network

Our network solutions leverage the Sprint-exclusive Certainty network design model. Let us design a network solution that gives you the peak application performance you need for your business today and tomorrow.

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Certainty Network - Design your own network with SprintCertainty Network - Design your own network with SprintCertainty Network - Design your own network with Sprint

Sprint MultiLineSprint MultiLineSprint MultiLine

Sprint MultiLine

One phone. Two lines.
One for work. One for business.

Have your business phone number on your employees’ personal phones. BYOD (bring your own device) used to mean employees would conduct company business on their personal phone lines — putting customer relationships at risk.

Today, MultiLine helps ensure business happens over business phone numbers.

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Promotions & Special Offers

We offer deals for businesses and individuals, built around your device, plan and solution needs – and we update them regularly, so keep your eyes peeled.


iPhone 11 offer

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Get Samsung S10 phones for great prices.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G

Our first 5G capable phone, the LG V50 ThinQ for $12.50/mo.

Google Pixel 4

Lease a Google Pixel 4 for just $15.

iPad offer

Lease a new iPhone and buy a new incredible iPad for $99.99.


Get the new LG G8X ThinQ for only $15/mo.

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Sprint Industry Recognition AwardsSprint Industry Recognition AwardsSprint Industry Recognition Awards