Curiosity™ IoT estimation tool

Use the tool to help you determine how much to invest in your IoT data plan depending on your location and data needs.

First, where are your IoT devices located?

Our IoT services are available around the world.

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Next, what features do you need?

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Finally, how much data do you need?

This will depend on the volume and types of data your devices process (e.g. video will require much more data than text).

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Total monthly savings:

Prices exclude features.

These prices give you a starting point, but chat to one of our specialists for a tailored plan that really suits your business.

*Sprint Proprietary Information. Informational only, not a firm quote.  Estimate does not include feature costs.  This is an estimate of your monthly charges, not included are surcharges, discounts, taxes, fees, one-time charges, activation/upgrade fees and any amounts prorated in the month.


Here’s the starting point for plans in the zone you selected.

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