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Sprint IoT Factory: connecting everyone to the Internet of Things

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Explore a digital store and factory that supports companies turning ideas into business. Our open platform can cover a full range of use cases, so all kinds of users can take advantage of the full potential of IoT. We’re democratizing the technology, making it available to everyone. At Sprint IoT Factory, anyone can make their life or work a little better by dreaming up a new solution and making it real.


Find the secure, connected solution your business needs, and get it fast. Come on in and see what’s possible on the Internet of Things.

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Get everything you need to easily design, build and commercialize your own connected devices for business applications.  Already a builder?

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Breaking Next With Ivo Rook

Ivo Rook, Senior Vice President of the Internet of Things, highlights how Sprint is innovating with IoT, and how IoT will affect businesses, our society, and even our health in the near future.

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What the Internet of Things means for small business

Here are five ways the Internet of Things could change your small business for the better, helping you to embrace productivity, do more with your data and take your company to the next level.

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How 5G will enable an IoT revolution

5G is coming, and it’s going to shake everything up. This isn’t just about loading emails faster — it’s about enabling a new era of global connectivity. How will it drive business innovation? The answer lies in the Internet of Things.

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