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The Curiosity Factor podcast

Presented by Sprint Business

How ready for the future is your business?

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Welcome to the podcast

where we interview some really interesting people about technology, AI, the internet of things, inclusion — the future that’s touching all of us right now, today. Hear futurists and Sprint experts weigh in on fascinating topics ranging from the practical daily experiences of IoT, to the state of play for AI and the IoT, to the future of work.

About our host: Mikel Ellcessor

Mikel EllcessorMikel EllcessorMikel EllcessorThe Curiosity Factor is hosted by Mikel Ellcessor, a seasoned media executive specializing in the strategic guidance of teams through startup, turnaround and expansion stages. While at WNYC, New York he was the head of local programming through the 9/11 years, launched WNYC’s first podcast as the architect of their first on-demand audio strategy, and was the co-creator with Jad Abumrad of Radiolab. He has also worked on Freakonomics Radio, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money, and over a dozen other podcasts.

IoT & Integrated Platforms

Episode 1

July 29, 2019

IoT is giving people the latest experience of “the future is here.” How far away are we from a practical, daily IoT experience that touches the majority of Americans? What form will that take (how will we know it’s here?) What are the practical, daily experiences people will encounter first, and how will their lives be improved? How will a technological mesh of AI, platforms, voice-driven software and hardware free people up to be better related and connected? How will our culture address the inclusion issues (bias in AI and voice, specifically)?

Episode 1: IoT & Integrated Platforms

Our featured guests

Ivo Rook, Sr. Vice President, IoT & Product Development, Sprint BusinessIvo Rook, Sr. Vice President, IoT & Product Development, Sprint BusinessIvo Rook, Sr. Vice President, IoT & Product Development, Sprint Business

Ivo Rook

Sr. Vice President, IoT & Product Development
Sprint Business

Ivo is responsible for leading a world-class team to deliver technologies that change the way people live, the way businesses operate, and the way society evolves.

Jim CarrollJim CarrollJim Carroll

Jim Carroll

Global Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Innovation Expert

Jim Carroll is one of the world’s leading futurist, trends and innovation experts, with a massive global blue chip client list, who has shared his insight with more than 2 million people in attendance at his events.

AI, IoT & 5G

Episode 2

July 29, 2019

What is the state of play for AI and IoT in an environment where the combination of voice, the mesh of SaaS, APIs and the emergence of 5G mobile are reshaping the ways we relate to brands? Technology is moving from recommendation to anticipation. How can consumers thrive in an environment where their handset is simultaneously their connection to vital life services, data, personal relationships, work, information and shopping?

Episode 2: AI, IoT & 5G

Our featured guests

Parvin Mahajan

Chief of Customer Operations
Sprint IoT and Product

Parvin leads Customer Operations for Sprint’s IoT and Product Division. He has overall accountability for Business operations and the successful execution of Sprint’s vision to be a global provider of IoT, wireless, wireline and converged communication services.

Amy Webb

Professor of Strategic Foresight
NYU Stern School of Business
Founder, The Future Today Institute

Amy Webb is a quantitative futurist who was named to the Thinkers 50 Radar list of the 30 management thinkers most likely to shape the future of how organizations are managed and led, and she has won the prestigious 2017 Thinkers 50 RADAR Award.

Future Workforce

Episode 3

July 29, 2019

“Always on,” telecommuting, SaaS and globalization are now the baseline for the work culture. How do people thrive and lead happy, engaged, productive lives as they swim through evolving work/life expectations? What do today’s leaders need to consider as they build valuable work experiences for their employees? How can employees lead from inside the organization and create extraordinary value that helps them grow their careers and job satisfaction — without burning out?

Episode 3: Future Workforce

Our featured guests

Ricky Singh

Chief of Products and Solutions
Sprint Business

As a part of the IoT leadership team at Sprint, Ricky leads the strategic direction, development and execution of the Sprint IoT product and solutions portfolio, bringing together deep industry knowledge and business acumen to develop market-leading horizontal and vertical solutions that drive meaningful growth for Sprint.

Shara Evans

Technology Futurist and Keynote Speaker

Technology futurist Shara Evans is a globally acknowledged keynote speaker and widely regarded as one of the world’s top female futurists.