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Cloud Networking Cut costs and optimize performance while reducing risk. It’s time to embrace the Cloud.

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Accelerate innovation and make the first move to market. This is Cloud Networking from Sprint.

Shifting from in-house IT to a private cloud is a challenge for any business. And whether it’s a lack of flexibility, time, or resources holding you back, we’re here to help.

With a Cloud Networking solution from Sprint and Equinix, your business will always be best placed to perform mission-critical applications in an agile, flexible, and secure environment.

  • Extend your MPLS VPN today and benefit from:
  • Virtually congestion-free connectivity
  • Lower access costs to major cloud providers
  • Optimized management of IT resources
  • Scalable networking for faster innovation


  • Flexible bandwidth from 2M to 10G
  • Secure, easy-to-use system control
  • Dual-provisioned architecture for consistent performance
  • Optional security and privacy with individual VPNs

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