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Secure Workspaces Embrace BYOD whilst keeping your people happy and your work content secure

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Secure work containers, customizable ownership contracts and streamlined compliance reporting – we’re securing the future of work.

Mobility you can trust

When your people use the same devices for work as they do at home, someone has to keep the work stuff safe and the personal stuff private.

Our Secure Workspaces solution helps you do just that – separating work content and applications from personal content and applications.

It’s an incredibly efficient way to make sure your people get to use the devices they love and your company gets to maintain the security it needs.

Our solution is designed to support every major mobile platform with:

Automated device configuration

  • So your users can self-enroll without IT’s help every time
  • And you can ensure no one has access to the apps or data they don’t need.

Containerized work data and applications

  • So you can isolate your users’ access to browsing, email, calendars and contacts for work
  • And keep everyone productive and protected while they’re at work.

Streamlined compliance

  • With customizable terms of use, simplified agreement tracking and compliance reporting
  • All organized by specific contracts for different roles and contracts.

This is how you make mobile work for you.

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